About the Journal

International Journal of Methodology (IJM) provides a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of methodological approaches in research to different fields including new methods and instructional papers that can be used by the research community. The articles published in this journal are expected to be very useful for researchers in various disciplines.

The IJM journal seeks for publishing new methodological approaches to research designs, experimental techniques, research characterization, data measurements, data analysis approaches. etc. This journal is open to a variety of manuscripts that include research procedures, research tools, and techniques that may be applied by researchers in different disciplines. The aim of Research Methodology Papers should be to provide instructional articles on data analysis, research methodology, etc. These articles should be designed to be learner-orientated and could include guidelines for applications, empirical examples using real or simulated data sets of different topics to help applied researchers. The target audiences include research scholars, college faculty, research supervisors, post-graduate and doctoral students, and applied researchers. It is highly recommended that the example data sets and software setups mentioned in those articles be publicly available. The articles have to be methodological in nature that should be helpful in gaining a better understanding and use of the particular research methodology.

International Journal of Methodology is our upcoming journal, submission is open for research papers focusing on research methods.