Call for Review Papers


Extensive Reviews (EXR); an exclusive review journal is seeking high-quality rigorous review articles from all research fields to be included in its first launching issue. With the fast-changing global research development, it is important for the researchers in the field to look at the past, present, and future of specific research areas in depth to shape the future research direction. Extensive Reviews (Extsv Rev) is a new specific journal focusing exclusively on publishing insightful review papers. A review manuscript should describe research insights, existing gaps, and future research directions. In summary, a review paper shall-

  • Set the topic in a recent research development context.
  • Summarize the status of the topic, including what is well supported and what is controversial.
  • Highlight the major issues to be addressed in upcoming years.
  • Outline the possible practical applications and point out the significance of the topic.

The reviews are expected to be up to 20 pages long however there is no specific page or word limit. The manuscript can be written by multiple authors, while the leading author must be a well-known expert in the field of the topic. The review articles will undergo a standard peer-review process to ensure the article's quality and significance.

Subject Category: All Research Field
Publication Fee: Free
Submission Format: Word File or LaTex
Reference Citation Style: Either in APA or in IEEE.
Reviewing Time: Approx 1 Month
Submission: Online through this submission page.