Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains information related to various questions asked by authors regarding AJGR. The purpose of this FAQ page is to help authors & mentors by adding relevant information & links on a single page; you may need to visit the mentioned link for detailed information. We hope that this will bring transparency and might be helpful for young authors. If you think that some of the necessary information is not available on this page, kindly send an email to with your question so that we can add appropriate information for easy access.

What are the criteria for submission in this journal?

Adv. J. Grad. Res. (AJGR) is a specific journal that gives the opportunity to publish the faculty-mentored research work carried out by Undergraduate  (Bachelor's Degree) and Postgraduate (Master's Degree) students. To submit the research paper in AJGR, authors must fulfill all of the following conditions-

  • The research paper shall be from the science & technology field. The work from other fields can be submitted to the Advanced Journal of Social Science.
  • The research work must be carried out as part of the academic requirement under the supervision of an officially assigned guide (faculty member).
  • The work must be done within the last 2 semesters/years.
  • The article is original, plagiarism-free, and not submitted to any other journal, also the author shall not submit it to other journals until the article is under consideration by AJGR.
  • In the case of human/animal-related studies, ethical standards in research shall be followed.

Is there any deadline for the submission of the research article?

No, AJGR follows a continuous publication model, and hence author can submit articles anytime throughout the year. Once the peer-reviewing process is completed and the article gets accepted it will get published immediately in an ongoing volume of the journal. Refer to the publication frequency for more details.

What is the publishing fee for this journal?

AJGR charges a nominal Article Processing Charge (APC) of $25 (₹2,000+GST), effective from 15th November 2023, and aims to keep this journal affordable for students. You are welcome to support us in keeping this journal affordable with open access, kindly visit the support us page for details on the number of ways in which anyone can support our mission of affordable publishing for students while maintaining high quality. Additionally, AJGR also offers various rapid review options which are optional and require additional payment, kindly visit the APC section for more details.

What should I consider before submission? 

  • The article shall be structured properly and written in a journal article style. Further, it should be in MS Word file format or LaTex zipped with all source LaTeX files.
  • Formatted the article as per the author's guidelines.
  • Add complete information about students, as well as supervisors just before the abstract section.
  • Students shall consult and inform the supervisor regarding the submission to AJGR. All authors shall read the ethics for authors and be aware of the submission.

How to submit my research article?

The article shall be submitted online using our 5 steps easy submission process at the submission link. Kindly do not try to send your article through email as we consider articles only through the online submission system. 

What should I consider during submission?

  • Select an appropriate section (article type; research, review, survey) and agree to submission terms in step 1.
  • Upload the article file in step 2 by selecting the article component as Manuscript (Full Article). Additionally, in the case of human/animal-related study, upload a scanned copy of the ethical approval/exemption letter (in pdf file) by selecting the article component as Ethical Approval.
  • Add article title, abstract, keywords, subject area, references, and other applicable details under the metadata in step 3.  Also, remember to add all authors including supervisors under the contributors in step 3. Incomplete or misleading details at this step will lead to a direct rejection of the article.
  • In step 4 you have the option to go back and modify any detail in the previous steps. To finalize the submission click on the Finish Submission.
  • In step 5 you will see the text of the successful submission with a few links to track your submission.

Once you reach step 5, your submission has been completed and within a few minutes, you will automatically receive an acknowledgment email (sometimes it may get a little delayed or end up in the spam/junk folder). If you don't receive the acknowledgment mail for up to 24 hours, contact us for confirmation.

I just submitted my article, what should I expect next? 

Thank you for submitting your research work to AJGR; your submission will initially undergo editorial screening and then a peer-reviewing process. Refer to the Article Submission to Decision link for more details on the process after submitting the journal article.

Who will review my article?

In all journals by AIJR, We send articles for reviewing to our verified reviewers. AJGR follows the standard blind review process and hence the author can never know about the reviewers. It shall be noted that this journal is specifically for publishing students' research work but is not run by the students. AJGR is managed by AIJR and the editors, as well as reviewers of this journal, are the same academic experts as for any other international refereed journal. We just request our reviewers to consider that the authors are young researchers and hence be more suggestive in preparing the reviewing reports while maintaining quality and scientific integrity. If you are an active researcher with a Ph.D. or above degree and interested in reviewing for this journal, apply through the join us page for verification. 

How long would it take to review and publish the paper?

The approximate required reviewing time under various available reviewing options has been described in the author guidelines as well as under the About section at this link. Once the reviewing process is completed and the article gets accepted it will take approx 1 week to copyedit and then publish online after receiving the minor proofreading corrections from the submitting author.

What is the paper publishing process in this journal?

This journal follows the standard peer-reviewing process; the submitted article first undergoes an initial editorial screening process and then a peer-reviewing process. Visit the paper publishing process for a better understanding of the steps involved.

What is the indexing and visibility of AJGR?

Kindly visit the indexing section for updated details regarding indexing and abstracting. Currently, AJGR is visible to the following-

  • Google Scholar
  • CrossRef
  • Scilit
  • OUCI
  • CORE, UK
  • Dimensions
  • JournalsTOCs

What is the impact factor of AJGR?

This journal has not yet been evaluated for an impact factor by the Web of Science. The only standard and acceptable impact factor is from the Web of Science (earlier known as ISI or Thomson Reuters). We neither believe nor advertise any other non-standard impact factors that may mislead authors and confuse them with impact factors by the Web of Science.

Can I publish my Thesis/Dissertation in this journal?

The journal publishes articles from the thesis or dissertation (not the whole thesis itself). However, if you wish to publish your complete dissertation as a Thesis Monograph with ISBN, visit the Thesis Publication link for requirements and publishing procedure.

Can I submit my research work, done 2 years back as a student?

AJGR considers only recent research work, carried out within the last 2 semesters/years. For work prior to the last 2 semesters, I suggest posting to AIJR Preprints as a working paper.

Can I submit the research work done without the supervisor?

No, AJGR considers only faculty-mentored work where the supervisor shall be included as a co-author. The research work normally being done as an academic requirement project by the Bachelor/Master's degree students with assigned supervisors through the department/institution. I suggest posting such works to the AIJR Preprints server as a working paper.

What if my mentor does not want to be a co-author of the article?

It's rare and indicative of low-quality work however, if for any reason the supervisors do not want to be a co-author, we will require an email confirmation from the supervisor. The student will still be required to add the complete details of the supervisor and ask the supervisor to email us that the work was done under his/her supervision however he/she does not want to be included as an author of the said paper. Consideration of this request will only be possible if the supervisor emails us from his/her official email id and that id can be verifiable through his/her faculty profile page on the institution's official website.

I posted my article to a preprint server, can I submit it to AJGR for publication?

Yes, posting articles on a standard preprint server is not considered as prior publication and hence the author may submit such articles to AJGR by following author guidelines. Visit the submission policy for more details on allowed Prior Publication & Acceptable Secondary Publication.

Can I submit an extended version of my conference paper?

Yes, an extended version of the conference paper with 30% additional work can be submitted to AJGR provided that the conference paper was not published in any journal. Refer to proceedings vs special issue for a better understanding of the acceptable conference paper.

The abstract has been published in a conference Book of Abstracts, Can I submit the paper to this journal?

Yes, the publication of the abstract is not considered a prior publication, and hence author may submit the paper developed on the published abstract to AJGR, provided that the published abstract and paper both share the common authors. Refer to proceedings vs abstract book for a better understanding of the acceptable conference publication.

I am hosting a conference, can I publish the special issue to include the papers presented by the students?

Yes, the organizer may publish conference issue in AJGR for the selected papers presented by participants below Ph.D. level students. By publishing your conference content with us, you are also supporting AIJR's mission to keep our journals affordable for students while maintaining the standard publication ethics. Visit the conference publications link for more details and the procedure of various types of conference publications with us.

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