Butadiene Rubber in the Petrochemical Industry





The Butadiene is a raw material used in the petrochemical industry. The use of Butadiene has risen with petrochemical market growth. The Global market is forecasting a demand growth for butadiene applications, especially for rubber materials. The estimated synthetic rubber market is $19.1 billion in 2021 and forecasted to reach $23.2 billion in five years. The dynamic growth in butadiene applications will introduce new products used in many things from the food industry to sports and goods. Also, the rubber materials have different applications in the automotive industry, oil and gas, medical products, and plastics. Companies’ strategic planning to increase the production of synthetic rubber for the global market. The demand increased as new applications were introduced to the market. The stability of oil prices will have the rubber market steady which always leads to optimal pricing. The diver for Butadiene rubber applications is to maximize production by having different kind of materials that applied for several products. The global business development indicated the ability to increases the synthetic rubber market rubber and capacities, which will enhance the chemical process techniques, new technology design, and efficiency that will maximize production and minimize product cost. Looking into the price difference between synthetic and natural rubber, many fluctuation variables were introduced in the price of each type. For example, synthetic rubber price is high, depending on crude oil, natural gasoline and naphtha prices, since those feedstocks are fed to the cracking units, as C4 is one of the cracking products. Therefore, any change in the oil prices will influence the butadiene price, which is the feed for most rubber plants. In addition, the utilities required for those plants to operate have a major impact on overall price. On the other hand, Natural rubber is an agricultural product and dependent on soil type and weather.


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