Ontology of Nigerian Local Governments

A Functional Approach towards the Global Pattern





From a functionalist perspective, every human society is made up of different social rankings, groups, units and organisations crafted to serve different purposes. The functional approach to the ontological perspective on local government is not about the call for absolute autonomy of local government. Thus, the main problem of this paper is to investigate the ontology of Nigerian local government from a functionalist approach. Using qualitative data, the paper reviewed the: true ontology of an ideal local government from a global parallax; factors affecting the ontology of Nigerian local governments; and practicable ways of making Nigerian local governments align with the global pattern of local governance. Godfatherism; corruption; bias, favouritism and nepotism; bad governance; inefficient service delivery; and electioneering problems were highlighted as the major factors affecting the ontology of Nigerian local governments. The paper submits that we must arise from slumber and as such, no room for excuses. Other revelations were thrown up as regards the true ontology of local government and the practicable ways of making Nigerian local government conform to global pattern. The paper concluded that, Nigeria local government is a failed public bureaucracy asking for the masses’ collective attention in form of revitalization. This attention if given will cause a paradigm shift and reasonably refurbish the local government system/structure to fit into the ontological shape of a modern day local government that is compliant with international best practices. This study has its implication on future research and practice.


Functionalism, Local Governments, Ontology


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