Humanoid Robots and Human Society




Almost every aspect of modern human life starting from the smartphone to the smart houses you live in has been influenced by science and technology. The field of science and technology has advanced throughout the last few decades. Among those advancements, robots have become significant by managing most of our day-to-day tasks and trying to get close to human lives. As robotics and autonomous systems flourish, human-robot relationships are becoming increasingly important. Recently humanoid robots become interesting as developers trying to model it with human resemblance and equipped with cloud-based artificial intelligence. Many ethical issues are under discussion including job loss and fear of machine’s thinking power like humans. I believe it should not be a concern that machine will start thinking like human but more important concern should be that humans started thinking like computers. We really need to be natural by preserving our human values and compassion.


Humanoid, Robots and Human Society


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Author Biography

Adam A Bahishti, College of Science, Majmaah University

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics


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