Editorial Team

Members of Editorial Board

Dr Mehdaoui Ahmed
Department of Humanities and foreign languages
Ibn Khaldoun University of Tiaret, Algeria
email: merveste@gmail.com

Dr George Dimitrov
Department of Humanities
St.Claret College, Bangalore, India
email: george1sasy@gmail.com 

Dr Islam Uddin
Deanship of Educational services
Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
email: iu.azizuddin@qu.edu.sa

Dr Mohammad Suhail
Department of Geography
Amar Singh College, Lakhaoti
CCS University, Meerut, India
email: msuhail.rs@amu.ac.in  

Dr Mukul Kumar
Space Weather, National Space Science Center
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
email: mkumar@spaceweather.ac.cn

Managing Editor

Dr. Adam A. Bahishti
Managing Editor
AIJR Publisher
e-mail: adam@aijr.org

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