Potentiality of Biogas Production from Waste in Bangladesh


  • Md Jakareya Parvez Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka-1230
  • Md Nabiullah Nayan Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka-1230
  • Dilip Kumar Das Department of Quantitative Sciences, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka-1230
  • Suman Chowdhury Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka-1230 https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4067-3472




Biogas is treated as a prominent renewable source in the world for mitigating fuel crises in developing countries. Using biogas technology toxic waste can be handled with an anaerobic process helping to generate natural fertilizers. So, it is a major concern for the researchers to find the proper solution by selecting a suitable renewable energy source in the present world. Biogas is treated as a type of biofuel that can be obtained from the fermentation of organic waste. The main goal of this research is to show the potential of a biogas generator in terms of cow dung, vegetable waste, kitchen waste, and poultry to generate biogas. The produced biogas from the decomposition of the organic waste can be utilized in electric power generation to fulfill the power demand of a house. From the analysis, it is seen that cow dung is the most powerful waste for the generation of biogas in comparison to other types of waste. The calculation shows that cow dung is almost 86.75 % more efficient than the kitchen waste and 44.49 % more efficient than the vegetable waste. And some practical data of a biogas power plant has been included to show the potentiality of biogas in the present world.


Anaerobic digestion, Landfill, Municipal waste


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