A Comparative Analysis of Expert Opinions on Artificial Intelligence: Evolution, Applications, and Its Future





Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that primarily focuses on automating tasks that explicitly require human intelligence. The mechanics of AI technology majorly revolves around central affairs including knowledge representation, learning, problem-solving, reasoning, etc. Additionally, each discipline of AI focuses on a particular component to efficiently train the machines. Every branch of AI technology exploits knowledge in machines using diversified practices but with a clear idea of achieving the desired output. AI has evolved drastically over the past two decades and is considered the most in-demand technology at present times in varied fields including healthcare, education, forecasting, security, etc. This paper provides an extensive survey on artificial intelligence and related work going on in this field, how it differs from human intelligence, various subfields of AI and their importance, various issues related to AI and possible solutions along with and future trends related to this technology depicting people’s reliability on it and various possible concerns.


Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Machine Learning


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