Introducing an APC of $25 to enhance the sustainability and quality of the journal


We would like to inform you about an important development in publication charges of the Advanced Journal of Graduate Research (AJGR). Since its inception, we have been dedicated to provide open access with free publication services, supporting academic research, and knowledge dissemination. However, we have encountered financial challenges recently that are posing a risk to this journal's sustainability. To address this issue and continue delivering the quality publications you expect, we are introducing a nominal Article Processing Charge (APC) of $25 (₹2,000+GST), effective from 15th November 2023. This decision is driven by the necessity to maintain the journal's operational and editorial excellence.

The introduction of the APC will contribute to the journal's sustainability by covering essential office expenses, technology upgrades, and administrative costs. This move will further enhance our peer-review processes and support services, ensuring that our authors receive valuable feedback and assistance. It's important to note that submissions made till 14 November 2023 will continue to be free of charge. While we understand concerns about introducing a fee, we believe that $25 remains highly affordable for researchers worldwide, enabling us to continue offering high-quality content to a global audience.

We want to emphasize that our commitment to maintaining rigorous peer review and open access principles remains unwavering. We appreciate your ongoing support and contributions to our journal's mission. We are open to adopt any suggestions that you may have to secure the future of this journal. Your continued support is essential for our mission of promoting knowledge sharing and facilitating groundbreaking research.

Kindly visit Article Processing Charge for more details on the expected reviewing timeline and other available options.