Weight Reduction in Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite by Adding Copper Slag as A Reinforcement





The aim of this paper is to fabricate aluminum metal matrix composite which should have less weight than aluminum and better mechanical property. Copper slag (waste from copper extraction) is taken as a reinforcement and the metal matrix composite of aluminum 95% and copper slag 5% was fabricated using the stir casting method. The particle distribution is verified by an optical microscope. Mechanical properties of the composite were calculated by conducting the tensile test, impact test, and hardness test, and the calculated values are compared with the theoretical value and aluminum.  The chemical composition of the copper slag is tested and checked with literature values. The tensile strength, hardness, and impact strength of the composite is increased when compared with base metal aluminum but the weight of the composite is less.


AMMC, Stir casting, XRF PMI, Rule of mixture


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