Call for Papers in Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials


Modeling and simulation of various complicated phenomena and processes in materials is significant for the research and experiments. Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials provides an international forum to share information on the development and advances in modeling and simulation, contributing to the understanding of the different complex process in materials. The simulation and modelling in materials provides a better understanding of a set of interrelated activities that interact to achieve an optimized result and evaluate the effect of process changes.

Research paper contribution is invited from worldwide researchers on all aspects of modeling and simulations in materials. Research topics suitable for publication in JMSM includes-

  • Application of modeling and numerical simulation methods in analysis of solidification, forming, welding, heat treatment, surface engineering, process of materials, include, ferrous metals and alloys, non-ferrous metals and alloys, biomaterials, carbons, ceramic materials, polymer, composites, and other advanced materials.
  • New development of modeling and numerical simulations methods for analysis material processes, such as finite element method, finite difference method, boundary element method, slab method, crystal finite element method, statistical methods, artificial intelligence method.
  • Computation and visualization of structures and structural relations.
    Computation and visualization of mechanical properties of materials.
    Computation and visualization of quantum-mechanical properties and band structures.
    Computation of instabilities and phase transitions.
  • Modeling and simulations of E&M field propagation and modes of optical cavities, waveguides, Plasmonic nanoparticles, etc.
  • Molecular dynamics simulations.
  • Simulations of Complex Fluids, Polymer Melts, and self-Assembly.
  • First-Principles Quantum and Multi-Scale Modeling.
  • Electronic structure/properties of materials.
Types of Papers

“Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials†accepts following 4 types of articles-

Submission of Research Articles

It is strongly recommended that new manuscripts be submitted to the Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials online. If online submission is not possible, the author can submit the manuscript by email at . Authors must submit only Word file of their manuscript. All submission should be accompanied by a covering letter using the template available on JMSM journal’s homepage.
Please see Guidelines for Authors for detailed instructions on preparation and submission of manuscripts.

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